Friday, 30 April 2010

Larry Lobster

Living rurally, without regular access to a large book store, I buy a lot of books online. This can often result in disappointment, especially with crochet books, where often there are only 1 or 2 patterns in the actual book that I like. last year I started using my local Library's online book reservation service, and have been milking it big time ever since. I start by going through my Amazon wish list to see if there are any copies in the libraries in my region - if there is, I stick in a request and usually within a week have a copy in my hot little hand. This weeks bounty brought me a copy of this book:-

Its a fantastic little book, with some unusual and very exciting animal designs. I decided to try out the Larry Lobster pattern - easy to follow, quick to make, but as often happens with smaller fiddlier projects, the actual assembly of the toy is very fiddly and takes longer than the crocheting process.
My boys loved the lobster and today I have had a request for a shark and a mummy and baby pig. Overall a nice, less cutesy take on amigurmi, I might have to place an order with Amazon for this one.

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  1. Very interesting and rewarding. many thanks I love it