Thursday, 29 April 2010

Smelling sweet once more..

I stopped using antiperspirants over 8 years ago when pregnant with my first child. My main motivation was the worry of my precious milk supply being tainted with all the nasties present in modern day deodorants. Since then I have probably worked my way through every single 'natural deodorant' on the market, with varying degrees of results, none of them really keeping my armpits fresh or whiff free for long. That is until I discovered a paste deodorant made by Lush called Aromacreme. Pretty pungent stuff, containing Lychees of all things, and strongly scented with patchouli oil, it worked like a dream - t-shirts could be worn for days on end with never a hint of B.O, I was so happy....until this year, when Lush decided to stop making the product as some customers had complained of rashes - GUTTED!

No more!! I have found and successfully managed to recreate a recipe for my own version of Aromacreme, only this time its even better! So, thank you to 'How about Orange' for this fantastic recipe - I'm good to go for summer.


  1. jolene here - this made me laugh as i am using my lavera stuff today, but can only do it when i am cold, and not moving around much! can i buy some of yours?
    hope you are well

  2. Hi Jolene!! How are you? haven't seen you for ages! of course I will make you some, are you due to come up North any time soon? failing that, it is dead easy to whip up with ingredients pretty much from the supermarket..
    take care xx

  3. Thanks for this as well. I'll try it out over winter...hopefully I can perfect it before the onslaught of summer. Kim :)

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