Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spoils on the Charity Shop Front...

A couple of good buys today from the K&D Voice Charity shop...
Summer Dress (John Lewis) - £3.00. I was pushed for time so didn't bother trying it on, fortunately its a good fit, slightly too low at the bust, same problem I have with most tops and dresses as I am of the petite height variety (short arse really, but petite has a better ring!), so I might take up the shoulder straps...
Next up, a Per Una cardigan, also £3.00, both items are in immaculate condition, welcome additions to my summer wardrobe, all for under a tenner!!!Oh and finally, a quick look in the box room on the way home from a run this morning, turned up a nice, and very large red dish..£1.00 !!!! and it goes perfectly with some smaller bowls I inherited from Cathy my Mother-in-law, yes I'm chuffed with my spoils!!


  1. You did well there all of it. You have a good eye for stylish finds

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