Monday, 3 May 2010

Green Juice....

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled my old electric juicer from the back of my cupboard. Unfortunately it's so long since I last used the juicer, it needed a major cleaning.
This was all going to be worth it though, as growing rapidly in the heat of my conservatory is a tray of wheatgrass and I was eager to test it out as a juice ingredient. Growing wheatgrass is new to me, you sprinkle it on the top of a tray of compost, keep it well watered and within 2 weeks have a luscious tray of well, grass. Apparently there are huge health benefits of eating wheatgrass, but the one that sold me-

"Just 2 oz of juice provides the same nourishment as up to 4 pounds of fresh, green vegetables"

How fantastic does that sound?? OK, I'm a tad gullible when it comes to things like that, but I was keen to give it a go, and would be chuffed if my vegetable phobic children (and husband!?) would give it a go..
I decided to mix in some Kiwi fruit to sweeten the blow and pad it out slightly - I 'harvested' about a cereal bowl worth of grassy cuttings and wasn't sure exactly how much juice I would get from that quantity.
So, four glasses of pretty potent looking green stuff - I added a handful of ice cubes and a splash of apple juice (the kiwi's were a bit on the sour side). The verdict?

It's the cleaning of the Juicer afterwards that is always such a pain and a faff though, it almost puts me off - anyone else had any experiences with Wheatgrass? could I just whizz it in a smoothie using a blender instead??


  1. I've never juiced wheatgrass myself, though I do get it added when I go to Boostjuice. They add it to the blender, but I have no idea how it works. I'm really wary of home made green juices. I had a very nasty experience with cabbage juice many years ago. And I do mean nasty. I couldn't go past a greengrocer without feeling a queasy for years! :) Kim

  2. Cabbage Juice!!! yuck!! can't think of anything worse, except perhaps brussel sprout juice....gag!!