Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Green Things

At long last we have been enjoying some mild, sunny weather up here! Yesterday I made it up to my shamefully neglected allotment to plant my tatties - one more thing to strike of my ever expanding 'to-do' list. Back at home I have been a bit more diligent, growing a whole host of plants from seed. We have an old fashioned conservatory attached to our house - uninhabitable for most of the year, but perfect in Spring and Summer for growing plants!



Watermelon (!)

Gorgeously scented basil




..and outside my Sweet Peas are taking flight!

...all is well in my little herb patch..

Gardening in the North of Scotland certainly has it's challenges, but this year I've a good feeling...watch this space!

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  1. I cant' even imagine how cold it must get there, and how different growing vegies must be. Your garden looks scrumptious. Oh, thank you for the gingernut recipe ... I can't wait to try them. :) Kim