Thursday, 6 May 2010

My First Lap-gan

Just another excuse to show case my new newly completed lap-blanket, and the best thing is, because its a nice girly pink colour nobody else in the family will want to use it!!
I started off with a small granny square and just kept going. This was a nice mindless project to pick up whenever, no counting required!! Once I had ran out of pink wool (a lovely thick and soft Texel wool) I worked a picot edging around in a contrasting green - perfect for tonight's Election results viewing in front of the TV..


  1. lap-gan ... great word. And a very pretty colour. I love making giant granny square blankets too. Mind you, the outer rows seem to take forever to finish. They just seem to go on and on...

    We've all been watching your election with interest too. Amazing how many people missed out on voting. We have compulsory voting in Australia, so it's not a situation that arises much here. Mind you I think I recall something similar happening in some remote communities last Federal election. Pretty inept stuff. I'll stop now, or you'll think that it's not only my crocheting that goes on and on ... Kim :)

  2. Hi Kim, you are right, voter apathy drives me mad! voting should be made compulsory here too -and today we have awoke to such an bizzare, crazy situation, who knows what is going to happen now? thanks for your kind words about my blanket by the way!!

  3. Great blanket! I've been toying with the idea of a giant granny square.....but lots of other stuff in the queue...

    I voted nice and early - good job as I am in one of the constituencies where people were turned away...

  4. Love the blanket colours... and now the bizarre election is crocheted into this wee treasure as a memory too! Perhaps you should add a wee red, yellow and blue ribbon rosette to a corner for posterity - something else to witter on to the great grandkids about.. ;))