Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bunny Girl

I haven't made any Amigurumi figures for a while, but a little friend of ours turned 6 this week and was having a bunny themed party, so a pink bunny present seemed appropriate.

If you've never tried Amigurumi before I would recommend one of the Amigurumi books by Ana Paula Rimoli. This bunny pattern was taken from her second book..

I bought this book about a year ago and have seriously made LOADS of things from it - I like her style of pattern writing, very simply and easy to follow. I used some silky cotton yarn to crochet the bunny, but had a few problems weaving in the ends as the yarn kept splitting and looked untidy - what kind of yarn do you tend to use for Amigurumi?

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  1. I think Ana Paula's amigurumi are the best ones - she seems to be really good at getting the proportions right. I have her first book and have made quite a few of the creatures from it - my 5 year-old loves them.

    As for yarn, I use either acrylic or oddments of cotton dk.

    I see kyuuto Lacy crochet is on your bookshelf - I have just bought that. Looking forward to seeing what you make from it!