Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Do you know that feeling when you have so many 'projects' on the go, lying all over the house and making your living room look untidy, yet you can't focus on one to actually complete it? And in any case, all of them are longer-terms projects that can't be finished over night...

like the vintage pillowcase I am planning on crocheting a pretty edging around, as seen here....I really struggled trying to keep my blanket stitch looking neat and even - any tips?

...and then there's the granny square blanket I'm making for my eldest son.

Next up, the bamboo baby blanket (Pattern Here) for a friend who is currently 4 days overdue, buying me a bit more time. This project is proving to be particularly annoying as the bamboo tape keeps getting tangled and knotted, and I end up spending half an hour unravelling it before I can even do any stitches..

And then there's the bag of granny squares I've never actually got round to doing anything with, that I thought I would resurrect and try and make a cushion or something..

Throw into the mix a full set of curtains for our new (old) caravan...

I haven't used my sewing machine for ages, and I'm loving whipping up these smallish curtains, only problem is when now have all my sewing paraphernalia lying around the kitchen table -FOCUS!!!!

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  1. Thats me all over at the minute....oh well, must be cos the sun is shining