Friday, 25 June 2010

My Friday

T-shirt making for my 6 years old's 'Sport' party.

Experiment in yogurt making

Cupcake making for said party

Consumption of many large cups of coffee

The start of my Elderflower Champagne experiment

Add to that, 1 hour of weeding at my allotment, a whizz around the supermarket, laundry, preparing of food for party, holding a sports party for a bunch of 6 year olds, trying to fit in a quick 30minute run to try and keep fit..................I won't go on...
Running a home is a full time job - as a 'stay at home' parent I often feel I have to justify my time at home, but the reality is I am busy every single day. My two boys (age 6 and 8) are now both at primary school daily between 9am -2.35pm. This past year, since my youngest started school I have been trying to find a rhythm to my week - I tutor OAP's in the use of computers (I used to be an IT Trainer prior to having children), volunteer at the school, helping with the weekly computer lessons, I cook and bake, I clean, I grocery shop, I do the laundry, I work in my allotment and grow veggies for our table and just like that 2:30pm comes round all too quick.
I have been looking for a paid job recently, even attended an interview, but school hours and school holidays dictate when I can work, and sadly I think to many employers I am just not that employable. I have however found this past year a very rewarding and satisfying time of my life. My crafting keeps my sane and motivated, but I struggle daily with the inner turmoil of what to do with my future whilst still managing to keep a happy balanced family life, a life I have made sacrifice's and worked so hard to have. I know I am not alone, many women feel the same as me, but I wanted to champion us 'stay at home' parents who are contributing to society by nurturing and raising good little people with hopefully wholesome values for their future lives..


  1. Exactly the kind of balance I am seeking - want to start doing some more work, but not that involves crazy childcare ...
    Do you have Alice Fowler's Edible Garden book? i love it. i was also trying to make Elderflower Cordial but couldn't find any wild elderflowers in glasgow!

  2. hear, hear. Staying at home is a full-time job - I find it more tiring and, at times, more stressful than my last paid job in the pharmaceutical industry! Being a sahm is not, imo, the 'easy' option.

    I am not even thinking of returning to work before my youngest starts reception in 2011 and am worried about my employability - and I've lost count of the number of people who have asked me, since he turned 2, when I'm going back to work. I don't want to yet and doubt whether it'd be easy to find work if I did.

    p.s. I am coveting your kitchen tiles!

  3. yes...why is it that society only seems to value labour thats paid.....women do most of the worlds work for no wage!FACT.