Thursday, 17 June 2010

New Adventures lie Ahead...

Meet our new addition to the family...Buffton (boys want to name it this - no idea why...) our £650 vintage (read 80's here) caravan. I've been busy recently giving it a bit of a make over. She hasn't left the drive yet, due to the fact we don't have a big enough car to tow her, but we're working on this minor detail... Having 'Buffton' parked in the driveway has meant its been really easy for me to pop in and out, measuring and sewing curtains etc...

Fancy a look inside?

Its only a four berth caravan, and quite a compact one at that. Here's the seating area that doubles as a double bed. We ripped up the old carpet as soon as we bought her, and last weekend put down some vinyl tiles -very satisfying and an instant way to brighten up the interior. This week I have been working on making curtains and cushion covers. I used a large blue check fabric with a white lining, perhaps with hindsight I should have used a black out fabric to line them with, but you live and learn...

Bunk beds for the boys.

Little galley kitchen area with a sweet little enamel hob and sink.

The fun part has been adding a few sweet knick-knacks to make the place feel homely and I also ran up a few cushion covers on my sewing machine. I am loving this red cockerel fabric, a fat quarter I bought last week from ebay, might have to expand on the chicken theme!
Never thought I'd say this, but I love, love, love our new caravan!!


  1. It looks fantastic, lovely and cosy. A very tasteful make over. Bet you cant wait to get away in in.

  2. Oooo such gorgeousness!!
    Tell me, were the vinyl tiles easy to lay?? Are they self adhesive or do you glue them, and please do tell where you got them..think we would love similar for Connievan to replace wornout shagpile.
    Love your makeover you did a great job

  3. Hi There Lucy, the vinyl tiles were a joy to lay - underneath the carpet was plain plywood flooring, so no prep was needed. we bought these tiles from B&Q (£2.00aprox for a pack of 6)they are self-adhesive, so all we had to do was lay out the pattern and peel off the backing from the tiles, I haven't had so much fun for ages!! We used scissors to trim and cut out the edgings-very satisfying!

  4. Your caravan looks like fun on wheels. Kim :)

  5. I love your new caravan too - my husband keeps dreaming about getting one... I do more than a little too!

  6. Hi, Elaine,
    Caravan actually looks good! How I hate to say that!! Like your colour scheme, looks really smart, what else to do?
    I have to say that the name sounds like a boy, are you sure it is a girl, blue and white for a boy, no?
    Love to you all, Cathy xx

  7. Cathy, you have a point, but seems as I am already out numbered by the male variety, I like to think of it as a 'she'!!

  8. We Loved caravan holidays when we were little..... you need to buy the cool camping book and stay away from the caravan club places (mind you we loved hideous large camp sites as kids for all the other kids to play with.....)

  9. How cute! I like what you've done with the space!