Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Weekly Box Room Finds

I'm trying to get away from using plastic containers for storing left-overs etc.and have gradually started throwing out my grotty looking Tupperware and replacing it with glass containers.
Look at these beauties I found yesterday at our local thrift shop - enamel strawberry design nesting containers - how much do I ♥ these??


  1. I threw most of my tupperware out a couple of years ago. I seemed to have a lot of containers without any lids and a lot of lids without any containers. I sent them to a thrift shop so hopefully they all found a mate!

    I love your strawberry containers. Kim :)

  2. Hi Elaine
    Many Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, I have enjoyed reading your blog very much. Look forwarding to seeing your completed doily! Stick with it.... I have just come back from Holiday and have made a couple more which I will post on my blog in the next couple of days.
    Love the GWI, wish I could start something like that around here.