Friday, 2 July 2010


 Holidays are here at last!! Six long weeks of relaxing with no fixed schedule, spending time with my boys - I'm so glad they are here at last. My two little ones are exhausted and badly in need of some down time. Scottish schools finish earlier than English schools, but as we have had no half term, and the children have not had any time off since Easter, it's been a long time coming...

Tomorrow we are heading for the open road, caravan in tow. First stop Inverness and then over to the West coast. I am ignoring the long term weather forecast - (they never get it right anyway) and we are packing for some fun on the beach, along with PLENTY of midge repellent!

A few things making me happy right now.....

For the first year ever I am sort of on top of the weed situation at my allotment, and the first of the strawberries are ripe! yippee!!

The warm weather has meant some nice evening bike rides...

Last night I bottled my Elderflower Champagne. I managed to get 9 bottles from the brew and I was quite excited to see it had some bubbles in - looks a bit cloudy though- does it eventually clear a bit?

My Cornflowers have finally flowered!

A very thoughtful gift of this beautiful merino wool - perfect for caravan crocheting!

Inspired by Orange Cumquats beautiful cloth, I am whipping up a few facecloths for the caravan to scrub those dirty knees!
So that's me signing off for a week or two -see you on my return!!! xx

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  1. Hi Elaine, thank you for visiting me. I do like the look of your blog. These caravans I keep reading about all over the blogosphere are making me envious. My husband is a committed camper (I'm not) and I don't think I can persuade him of the benefits of a caravan.