Thursday, 15 July 2010

We're back

Feels like I have been away for weeks and weeks!! We are now officially hardened caravaners!  I'm feeling slightly grubby and unkempt and my feet need a serious soak in the bath, but other than that and the challenging Scottish weather, we've had a brilliant time.  Here's some high lights of the trip:-
First stop Brunchrew Caravan site, near Inverness.  I couldn't believe how incredibly easy 'setting up camp' was compared to camping with a tent!

Ardmair Point campsite, just North of Ullapool - beautiful, and the sun shone briefly for about 10 minutes, and then it was wet, cold and stormy for the rest of our stay....

Achmelvich beach (thank you Victoria for the great tip!) - Beautiful white, deserted beached, unfortunately it was also freezing with high gales!! We headed home for a couple of days and then decided to stay with the sun on the East coast and travelled South...

"Yarnbombing" on the streets of Edinburgh!!

Amigurumi love in the shops of Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

International Athletics at Gateshead stadium - big hit with the boys

After a few days visiting my relatives in Newcastle we finished up our trip in Moffat, visiting my in-laws and some old friends, so quite a tour in the end, and I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of our adventures....


  1. So glad you ventured up to Achmelvich, but sorry for not telling you about the time all our tents got blown down in a gale!! That's the trouble with the British weather isn't it - unpredictable!

  2. Love your posts! I've been a bit busy lately and I've just had a catch up. Your caravan holiday sounds wonderful. Kim :)