Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back to School

First day back at school today for the start of a new school year, and ok, I'll admit that even though I skipped all the way home after dropping them off, I did kind of miss my two little shadows..

I spent a blissful morning crocheting in preparation for the first class I am teaching next week. I want to be able to take along lots of different styles of work to try and inspire people, and make my new students love crochet as much as I do.  I still find it hard to get my head around sitting idly crocheting during the day, it seems outrageously decadent as it is usually a hobby I do in the evenings when the little peeps are sleeping, but today I ignored the dirty, untidy house and sat at the kitchen table (feels less slobbish than the sofa for times like this) working away - bliss!

I did pause at lunch time to go for a run around the forest, and then made a banana loaf to feed the hungry boys on their return from school.

After years of trial and error, this is probably my idea of a perfect banana loaf recipe - moist, but crunchy on the outside.  I used the recipe in the Humming Bird bakery cookbook where you whisk together sugar, eggs and the bananas to make almost a mousse and then add flour, ginger and cinnamon followed by melted butter - really easy to whip up.  I added toasted hazelnut piece for the topping and needless to say there is about a quarter of a loaf left!

Speaking of baking - did anyone watch the 'Great British bake-off' last night on TV? It was interesting to see all the different interpretations on 'signature' cakes, and got me thinking about what mine would be, could be a future blog post....


  1. When it comes to baking, I'm a Nigella fanatic. It's like Delia - if you do what you're told, you will NOT go wrong & then everyone who eats your stuff thinks you're a total genius! Hoorah!
    Saw number 2 shadow today & was pleased to get a wave :-)

  2. Awww, he told me he saw you 3 times today! hope your day went ok - I love Nigella too, my fav book of hers is 'Feast' - loads of fab baking in there!

  3. Know what you mean about daytime crochet, feels wrong... like daytime telly and afternoon naps. I love what you made though,very cute and very productive x x x x

  4. That banana bread looks awesome! I know what you mean about crocheting when you need to clean! Sometimes it feels wrong but it really helps to clear my head to do something for myself sometimes.