Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chipping Away at the Chaos

Don't be fooled by this calm, composed photo.  I'm not a big fan of housework and cleaning, but usually manage to get by with my superficial cleaning methods, indulging in the odd deep clean when we have guests coming to stay.  The long school summer holidays have really taken their toll on the chaos -right now the house feels like a snow dome that someone has picked up and shaken.  I have decided to use any spare time this week to just chip away bit by bit.  Today I have tried to get to grips with my crochet work -which is literally lying all over the house in various unfinished states.

Open the lid.......what a tangled mess!  I bought this box a few months ago from 'The Box Room' (our local thrift furniture shop) for a mere £15.  I loved the green fabric on the lid, it goes perfectly in our living room.  But aesthetics aside, I badly needed somewhere to store all my wool and crochet bits and bobs and this was just the ticket.  But just look at it!  I really need to stop buying any new yarn, stop starting new projects I  can't finish and be more disciplined about tidying up!

One tiny step on the road to order....


  1. I have started spreading out my stash in different parts of the flat in the hope it won't seem like as much.
    It's not really working out...

  2. Hi Elaine
    Thanks for your comment on my latest wip...the granny rectangle is not finished yet, but it's taking around 30 minutes per round at the moment (38 rounds done)...and I want it to be a lot bigger, so it's going to take a loooooong time to work up I think!