Monday, 16 August 2010


Edinburgh was great...mad, crazy, crowded, inspiring and utterly exhausting.  I had forgotton just how busy it gets in Edinburgh during August, with it's population more than doubled, the streets, cafes and pubs are mobbed with people.

We watched some funny, bold and absolutly bonkers acts at the festival.  It was slightly nerve racking trying to keep tabs on the boys at all times in the crowds, but if you've ever been to Edinburgh before you'll know  you are never too far away from a park or a green space for a bit of a rest and ice cream stop.

Weather wise this weekend has felt like summer at last and we were so grateful for warm dry weather.  As for the campsite, it was fantastic, and I would throughly recommend it as a great way to see Edinburgh on the cheap. 

I have completely amazed myself this summer how much I love our little caravan, and can hardly believe how utterly peaceful and relaxing I find caravan life.  Even at a busy campsite you still feel like you have your own little haven.  The boys of course love the freedom a campsite offers, which in turn gives us a small break and occasionally a short window of adult time -utter bliss after a busy day pounding the streets of Edinburgh!

(I was sharing that bottle of wine by the way - I can see how it looks now I've uploaded the photo!)

We stopped in at Ikea before heading home back up North - usually a must whenever we are staying at or passing through Edinburgh.  It's been ages since I have been there, and I have to say it didn't do it for me this trip - and probably for the first time in my adult life I left the store having spent less than £10!  You can't fault some of it's innovative style though, given that it's mass produced, and I loved this simple bottle opener, and of course at 79p, had to have two!

So, really thats the end of our summer holidays for this year - the kids go back to school this Wednesday, and admittedly I am feeling utter relief at the prospect.  We've had fun this summer, managed to visit our loved ones, done loads of different things and throughly enjoyed our caravanning experiences. The weather has been a total let down, theres been a lot of fighing and bickering between the boys which I have found  very stressful and tiring. It's a love/hate thing with the long summer holiday, but thank goodness thats it over for another year!!


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