Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Cupcakes

Everyone needs a Friday treat...I saw a great photo on Poppytalk, which spurred me into baking action with the boys this afternoon.  I made these cupcakes from the Humming Bird Bakery cookbook, the recipe called for very little fat, which was quite surprising, but anyway that doesn't really make much difference given the huge dollop of butter icing that is on the top!  Go on, treat yourself, its FRIDAY!!!!!


  1. That cupcake looks fabulous! I've just been and bought some from marks and spencer for a tea party tomorrow and now I'm wishing I had baked instead x

  2. lovely Pic. I treated myself to some flowers on Friday too! Came across your blog looking for a crochet coathanger pattern....yours are gorgeous! I've added your blog to mine.
    Heather x