Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hooked Hangers

I am starting to hit the wall at the four week mark of the school holidays now.  My days go by, the house is a mess, the weather is lousy and I feel like I am accomplishing very little.  But last night I surprised myself by picking up some old wooden coat hangers that were given to me by a friend, and using my bamboo tape, making some covers.  The result was surprisingly pleasing.

They were easy to make, I made a chain the length of the hanger (approx 65ch) and using Single crochet, crocheted enough rows (approx 8) so the piece was long enough to wrap around the wooded hanger. I then inserted the wire hanger through the middle of the crocheted piece and sewed up the sides and bottom.  I have a glut of crocheted pink flowers in my work bag at the moment, so I sewed one of them on too for decoration.

I would love a wardrobe full of these, but vintage wooden hangers are hard to come by - I wonder if it would work covering a cheap plastic one?

oh, and just in case you were wondering..

Small Flower Pattern

1. Chain 6 and join with slip stitch to make loop
2. 10 SC into centre of loop
3. Crochet the following stitches into the first SC to make a Petal (1SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 1HDC, 1SC)
4. Slip Stitch into 2nd SC
5. Repeat step 3& 4 into 3rd and 4th SC to make 2nd petal and continue this around until you have 5 petals
6. fasten off


  1. It's genius! Nothing is more irritating than cloths sliding from the hanger, with the crochet cover and the flower, it's pretty, and it's functional. Love it, great job! :)

  2. found you through whip up, and love the idea of using plastic store hangers covered with crochet -- I have a few so maybe as soon as my workday ends I will try out a few, well, at least one! PS, appreciate you posting the flower instruction, too!

  3. I have found a web site that sells the wooden hangers needed to crochet/knit over. I received my hangers today in the mail & they are beautiful & work perfectly to make the hangers like Grandma made to give as gifts.The site is: There description is: 16" wooden dress hanger,item # 900H70NF.I have looked for these hangers on & off for 3 years. So I thought your viewers would appreciate knowing where to purchase them.

    1. thank you so much. Very helpful. Now I can start making covered hangers again.

  4. HI! I am brand new (4 minutes new) @ this website. I enjoyed reading your comments. Regarding vintage wooden hangers; they are readily available @ Target or WalMart
    Happy Knitting,

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