Thursday, 5 August 2010

Potatoes and Pillowcases..

My crochet suns must have worked....! the second half of this week has felt much more like summer, and as a consequence we have been out and about doing things and generally keeping busy.  I dragged my two up to my allotment today, they have never been particularly keen on going there, unless they think there is a possibility of meeting one of their friends, but once there, the lure of digging up some new potatoes won them over.

A quick visit into a charity shop a few days ago brought a reward in the form of a pair of lovely vintage, brushed cotton pillowcases.  I washed and dried them on the same day so I could use them straight away, and last night they felt so soft and cosy...

Ahh, just looking at that photo of my comfy bed is making me want to go to bed early and finish off my book, so on that note, I think I just will.....oh, and by the way - my book stack is running low, can anyone recommend a good read?


  1. love the pillowcases.
    What sort of books do you normally like to read?

  2. Hi Heather, I enjoy a wide range of authors, if it's won a prize, or been nominated for something I'm usually suckered in..I have just finished 'the 19th wife' by David ebershoff and enjoyed that, I like Anne Tyler and William Boyd's books to mention just a couple...