Sunday, 8 August 2010

Shoe Shopping of the Non-favourite kind

For a lot of children in the UK, schools require them to wear a uniform.  This works well for me, a few pairs of smart grey trousers, white polo shirts and the school sweatshirt are all that are required  and I don't have to think too much day to day about clothes organisation.  A smart pair of black shoes are also part of the uniform, and this is always the last thing I shop for as it is a dreaded task!  Throngs of children and lack of sizes are always a problem, but with only a week to go until school starts again, I couldn't put it off any longer.  We started off in a Clark's shoe shop, for my youngest  son with broad feet, there was only one style of shoe, and the other son's choice also limited, but shoes we needed, so 15 minutes later we left the shop £80 lighter!!!

Next we popped into TK Maxx, I needed a new kettle as my usual stove top one was badly abused on our last caravan trip  - how great is TK Maxx??

£14 for this smart enamel kettle, I'm really pleased with it, I love the slightly taller, narrower shape, and it looks pretty good in the kitchen. 
On the way out I had a quick look at their display of school shoes - all priced at £9 ! A couple of the shoes were very similar in style to the ones we had just bought, so after establishing they fitted, a purchase was made and a refund at the Clark's shop - a saving of £62 ! Quite incredible, just shows you what a scam children's shoe manufacturers are running, playing on the guilt of parents who are made to believe you have to go to a proper shoe shop and buy specially fitted shoes, half the size and almost twice the price of adult shoes, only to go back again in 8 weeks because their feet have grown!!


  1. All my friends with school-age children have been talking about school shoes over this summer!
    It's a total swizz.

  2. I'll be going to tkmax first. Wouldnt mind if clarks were made in the uk, but they're not.

  3. Looks like the pic has come straight out of a kitchen magazine...great styling. Clarks...great shoes.... but 'oh my' not worth the hard earned money at all!