Friday, 20 August 2010

Simple Cotton Floral Decoration

During my last visit to Newcastle, I visited a yarn shop in the Granger Market and picked up a huge ball of 100% cotton yarn for a song.  This week, in preparation for my first crochet class I have been experimenting with a small crochet flower, trying to come up with some different ways in which you can use it.  I love crocheting garlands - they are made in one long piece, no loose ends to weave in at the end and hugely versatile and pretty to decorate corners of your house.

 Not the best photo, as the white wall doesn't really show it off to its best! But my flower decoration looks quite sweet sitting in the corner dangling from my orchid.

Small Cotton Floral Decoration Pattern.

1. Chain 30
2. SS into 6th chain from hook to make a loop
3. 10 SC into centre of loop

4. Crochet the following stitches into the first SC to make a Petal (1SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 1HDC, 1SC)
    Slip Stitch into 2nd SC
5. Repeat step 3& 4 into 3rd and 4th SC to make 2nd petal and continue this around until you have 5 petals
6. Chain 16 (or more depending on how 'strung out' you want your flowers to be) and make another flower on the chain as described above.
7. Continue until decoration is desired length
8. Finish off by chaining 25 if you need another 'lenght' to string it up with
So simple and satisfying to make, you could alternate colours for the flowers, or make a yellow centre if you wanted, or applique a string of 2 or 3 to an item, endless possibilities!


  1. Thanks Elaine for sharing such a lovely garland. I'm going to have a go at this and blog it later. All the best with your crochet class next week. Heather xxxx

  2. Thank you Heather, I really appreciate your support xx

  3. Hi Elaine, thanks for visiting my blog - glad you found something of interest and look forward to 'seeing' you again. These flowers are gorgeous and I'm going to bookmark them and spend some time looking at your other lovely things! Sue (Mouse) x