Friday, 13 August 2010

Thank Crunchie its Friday!!

Yippeeeeeee!!! it's Friday at last.  Just finished packing up the caravan and as soon as big R gets home from work we are heading off to Edinburgh for the weekend to sample some delights of the Edinburgh festival - I can't wait!  Hoping to bore the boys with nostalgic tales of days gone by (we met whilst living in Edinburgh almost 17 years ago) and hoping to fit in a pint or two of 80 shilling at the Canny Man or the Auld Toll!

Affordable accommodation in Edinburgh during the festival is non existent, so this is a first for us to be able to spend a whole weekend there with the kids during August - We are booked into MortonHall caravan site, about a 30 minute bus journey from the centre of the city.  We are still new to this caravan malarkey, so fingers crossed it works out OK!

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  1. oooohhhhh sounds lovely have a great time
    We are away tommorow to Angelsey....going to our caravan....enjoy xxxx