Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Rainy Day..

We're having one of those days.  Its been raining heavily since dawn, we are all still in our pajamas past lunch time and I have exhausted my Mummy 'crafting repertoir'.  I can confess we are now snuggled up in a duvet on the sofa at 1pm in the afternoon, watching a Harry Potter film.  I don't feel too guilty, this is the last week of the school holidays after all, and I think the first time this holiday I have had to resort to a DVD during the day.  The boys are happily tucking into a bowl of microwave popcorn and I am about to pick up my crocheting - I have started a Granny Stripe (Lucy Attic 24) and it's wonderfully easy and addictive to work on - I'll take a photo of its progression when its a bit bigger, but right now its' working up well.

I cracked open some new poster paints and box canvas's I have been hording this morning.  I was really pleased to see the boys taking their time and thinking about what they wanted to make, and their pictures are wonderfully colourful.  I have never really taken to painting, I'm no good with a brush and prefer the crisp precise line of a marker pen (goes back to my university days I think where I studied Industrial Design and used nothing but markers and pencils), so I sketched a picture on my canvas using a chunky permanent marker - I might colour it in with some water colours later, but at the moment I am pleased with the black and white image

I haven't made the time to do any drawing for a long time, but I found the whole process very relaxing this  morning, and the boys were happy and content too - a rare treat!

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