Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Amigurumi Itch..

I'm currently spending far too much of my free time in the evenings trawling through Ravelry on the hunt for some crochet patterns to excite me.. I'm looking for an Amigurumi challenge i think.....
Last year I had great fun making this monkey a couple of times:-

and also found this Japanese cat pattern was a joy to make..

If you've never tried an amigurumi pattern before, don't be put off by thinking they look complicated - one of my first completed project as a complete crochet novice was a small teddy.  All you need to know is how to single crochet on the round (some counting involved unfortunately!) - the hardest bit is usually sewing all the 'bits' together.  Also, surprisingly they use up very little yarn, so a great way of using up odd balls you have lying around. 

Flickr is a great source of inspiration, there are a couple of Amigurumi groups showing the most amazing work - I'm always on the look out for more boy orientated toys too - this dragon is amazing, and this book contains some interesting cretins, like the lobster in my header picture.  I want to make a few little amigurumi creatures for the charity craft fair I've a stall at in November, but need some small ideas that will make up quickly. I'd love to hear if you have the Amigurumi bug too, and what you  are making xx


  1. wow this is a great item, and a great post! I haven't tried amigurumi yet and it IS because it looks too complicated! You inspired me to try it! Thanks Elaine! I will look for an easy beginners pattern!

  2. I love amigurumi but tend to make quite small ones. A recent acquisition of mine is 'Amigurumi' bu Lan-Anh Bui and Josephine Wan - it has patterns for a dinosaur and a robot. Haven't tried any yet, but my little boy is obsessed by toy robots so that is high in the queue for my next project!

  3. Victoria! just 'looked inside' that Amigurumi book you recommended on Amazon and I think the Panda has sold it to me -off to buy it now!! thank you!

  4. Hello,

    that is very very lovly.

    gratings send you Conny

  5. oh my word he is gorgeous!! i am sooooo rubbish at amigurumi!! How do you do it?? you have inspired me to give it another try!