Monday, 20 September 2010

Extreme Caravaning.....

For the past 4 years a group of our friends plus all the children combined head to the shores of Loch Morlich for the annual Cairngorm Adventure Triathlon (C.A.T).  I should make it entirely clear that so far it has only been the men within the group who have competed, whilst us women support, cheer, look after gear and clean clothing and generally cater and look after all the kids for the weekend.  This year there were 5 families in our party, with a grand total of 16 children between us - usually we stay at the local Youth Hostel, but after last year....well that's another story...we decided to stay in our caravan at the nearby campsite.

It rained non-stop from the moment we arrived to the time we left on Sunday - by Saturday night we needed a bridge just to get into our flooded caravan!
The children all got on great, oblivious to the adverse conditions, and despite the rain we did all enjoy ourselves, probably down to the company and camaraderie that such events encourage.  Now, back home Monday morning, I am drying out 6 pairs of trainers, I pair of cycling shoes, 3 pairs of hiking books and 2 pairs of wellies. My washing machine seems to have accepted the grit and sand of my 4th load today and is still churning round as we speak.  The caravan was our saviour - providing a warm cosy haven from the elements, I am still in awe of the hardy families who chose to camp in a tent - Ahh... good old Scottish weather...never to be relied upon!


  1. Well done for braving the elements! I agree tents + rain = not good but caravans are very cosy :)

  2. Woah.........seriously hardcore!


  3. I would have been right at home in one of those tents. It always rains when I go camping. I'm actually contemplating hiring myself out to local councils as a drought breaker! :) Kim