Monday, 13 September 2010

Flapjack and Hats

I discovered a fab new cookery book at our local Library at the weekend.  Well designed and illustrated, it is crammed full of just the sort of recipes I like to make at home for my family - healthy, wholesome and tasty. 

I usually try and bake something on a Sunday for packed lunches for the week ahead and found this tasty oat bar recipe.

An easy recipe to make, I had all the ingredients to hand in my cupboard (didn't bother with the cherries, but I guess you could use raisins) and I found the bars were nice and dense and chewy. They cut nicely into bars without any crumble, so defiantly a keeper to add to my repertoire.

On the crochet front, I  have turned my attention to hats. I'd like to whip up a whole range of fun baby hats for the charity sale I'm having a stall at in November.  last year I made this lot:-

These particular hats are made 'side to side' and then sewn up the side and gathered at the top. They give a more 'knitted' effect and are quick to make. Right now I am working on a hat on 'the round', using finer yarn than I would usually use on a smaller hook - it's looking nice and the stitches neat, however the fine yarn means it is taking forever to make up - maybe chunky wool is the way to go to allow you to 'churn' them out a bit quicker?

I want to make this into a mini 'Deerstalker' style hat, with ribbon to tie up the flaps at the side and maybe a button for the front flap. Hopefully get it blogged with a pattern at some point this week!


  1. I love your hats,they look great all lined up like that,especially the little froggy one in the middle x x x x Jane

  2. What cute hats - I like the tomato one best. And yes, chunky wool works a treat for making hats quickly!
    Thanks for the recipe too - am going to write that down immediately as I think my 2 will love it. x

  3. I love the hats all lined up like that!
    I'm looking for an easy (very easy) adult hat pattern - any suggestions please???

  4. That looks like a great cookbook. I wonder if I can get it here. I think my daughter in law would love it. Kim :)