Monday, 6 September 2010

Jump on the 'Granny' Wagon...!

It's 'Granny Square' fever on the crochet front right now - in preparation for my crochet class this week I am perfecting the art of the Granny square.  There is something very appealing about these little (or big) squares, and in all honesty, once you get your head around the pattern and all the yarn changing, there is really nothing to them - a project you can sit and work on with very little thought and virtually no counting at all - my kind of crocheting!

I thought I would share my 'perfected' pattern with you, just in time to get snuggled into a nice bit of cosy, Autumn crocheting!

Granny Square Tutorial (written using U.S crochet terms)


ss   - slip stitch
ch  - chain
dc  - double crochet

Chain 4 and join to make ring using a slip stitch

Round 1
Ch 3 - then crochet 2 dc into the ring. *ch2 and make 3 dc into ring*. Repeat from * to * 2 more times, and then ch2. Join round by ss into top of turning chain.

Using same yarn, s.s across next 3dc until you reach the first corner space(the ch2 space)

Join 2nd coloured yarn to your work and break off first colour.

Round 2
Using new colour, ch 3 and then 2 dc into that first corner space. Ch2 and then make 3dc into the same corner space. (don’t worry about any loose ends – you can weave them in at the end)

Ch1 and then in the next corner space do the following *3dc, 2ch, 3dc, 1ch*. Repeat * - * for the next 2 corners. S.S into top of ch3 (made at beginning of the round) to join work..

Round 3
With the same yarn used for round 2, s.s across the next 3 dc until you reach the first corner space. Join 3rd colour of yarn and break off your second colour.
Ch3, 2dc, 2ch, 3dc into the first corner. Ch1 and make the following stitches into first ch1 space *3dc, ch1*.
Next, into 2nd corner 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch1, and then repeat * - * for next ch1 space.

Continue working around your square – you should see a pattern emerging now:-

3dc, ch2,3dc, ch1 for each corner
3dc, ch1 for each ch1 space along edge of square.

Remember on the very first corner of each round to do the following ch3 , 2dc, ch2, 3dc.
Once you have gone around entire square, remember to join with a s.s into the turning ch3.

Continue the above steps until your ‘granny’ is desired size. You can keep changing colours with each round, or simply stick with the same – just keep going round and round and round.....!


  1. these look very achievable, nice one.

  2. Im workin' on grannies too! They are going great -- have done somewhere about 170 or so...