Sunday, 26 September 2010


The house is now reeking of vinegar thanks to my productive Sunday spent preserving my allotment glut!    I have pickled the last of the beetroot ( recipe here )and made chutney from some apples and tomatoes (recipe here ) - deeply satisfying, even if I am the only member of this household who will eat any of it!

I have also had a bit of a revelation of the chocolate variety (thanks Sue for the link!) with these fantastic 'cheat' brownies - no chocolate required!!  They tasted amazing, you couldn't even tell they were cheaty ones, lovely gooey consistancy and mega rich - I had to put the lid on the tin very quickly or they would have all been demolished in a oner!

If you only make one thing in the next week, make it these!! I added some walnuts, and was thinking a handful or two of chocolate chips would have made them even more convincing! I love the blog these came from too - Stone Soup, bursting with ideas and inspiration, unfortunatly they were just a bit too easy to make, and I am now fearing  I have used up my sugar/fat allowance for the month in just one day!


  1. Wish I had some right now, they are good aren't they? Your preserves look great.

    In answer to your question Elaine - I crochet over the ends as I go-much less bother I think.

  2. Just found your blog, via Sue's above.

    I read some of your posts and think you look quite dashing in your corchet deer stalk hat ;-)

    I saw the brownies on Sue's blog, and now seeing them here I want to make them so much, the only thing that's stopping me, is that I'll probably eat them in one go, and not let the family have a look in.

    Looking forward to perusing more of your blog and getting ideas on crocheting.

    A x