Saturday, 23 October 2010

A few things...

A chubby little panda bear made from a pattern in this book, great fun to make, and I love his little panda face, a bit spooky maybe....?

I've also been cracking out a few baby hats for the Christmas sale in a few weeks, I think this little tomato one is my favourite:

I've been busy teaching a Christmas Amigurumi class at our local craft shop this week and was given some yarn in payment, it felt like Christmas had come early, I had so much fun filling my bag with lots of lovely yarn. I indulged myself in some lovely skeins and some cute colours (more later..) I especially like this lovely turquoise:-

Everything is feeling pretty calm and under control right now in the Northern Hi-lights household, I have finally made my way to the bottom of the washing basket (I know, but small things like this make me happy!) and have even managed to clean some of the house!  Back to work next week though and also husband  away on a training course down in London for the whole week, so I have a feeling it won't last.....


  1. Hah! I know the feeling... As for the panda, maybe more tragic than spooky...?

  2. nice new banner Elaine. Hope the week ahead is ok for you.