Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Snow? in October?

Hard to believe that this time last week we were basking under the Tuscan sun, especially this morning when we awoke to the first snowfall of the Winter (surely it's still Autumn?) and I spent 20 minutes trying to scrape frozen snow from my windscreen in sub-zero temperatures!  How depressing!

Italy was great - a very interesting country full of mad drivers, horrendous twisty, windy roads, (much car sickness!), fabulous coffee, wine and food in general.  We visited Florence for the day, a beautiful city, but mobbed with tourists with lots of rip-off touristy shops etc..(24 euros for 3 ice-cream cones left me feeling ill!) so if we went again, I think I would avoid these large touristy cities...
Also, I am turning even more into my mother, with my love of foreign supermarkets!! Look at these little enamel beauties I picked up for 2 Euros each in some random isle of an Italian Coop:-

I have been crocheting up a storm recently, so hope to get some photos taken to show you soon. This week (2nd week of the school holidays) has been manically busy keeping the 2 boys exercised, fed and occupied.  More freezing temperatures are forecast for the week, so hoping to get lots of cosy time crocheting in front of the fire - you can't beat it really, but ask me again in another month!


  1. Your holiday sounds lovely, hopefully your lovely crochet will take your mind off the freezing temperatures. Am loving those red mugs, very toasty :)

  2. loving the spotty mugs
    I've never been to Italy..