Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Keep Calm....

I can be in denial no longer - Christmas is on it's way, and early festivities are racing into our lives if I like it or not. I have just been sitting over lunch filling out our Family calender - December is looking choka block.. School concerts, School Christmas Dinner and Parties, Cub Scout fayre, panto and party, work nights out, mulled wine with friends, more nights out with friends, Christmas shopping, food planning, cards to write......yes I'm panicking...... must start making lists....planning....organising....
I'll start tomorrow, no , Thursday my day off,  and in the mean time I will carry on blissfully unaware that it is December next week and I shall leave you with some pretty images from Living Etc's December edition.


  1. I used to love Christmas concerts. Then I loved attending my daughter's. Happy this still goes on for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for the eye candy...lovely.

  2. Next year we are going to have real winter again when we move back to Canada. I miss having snow and real cold weather. It just is part of the season for me.
    It's hard to get into the mood when it's 25C.
    Love your pictures!I always have a branch with snowflakes bedside my desk. :0)
    My favorite is the mushroom nutcracker!!! Wish I had that one.
    Have a wonderful day!