Monday, 15 November 2010

Our Weekend in Pictures

Craft fair = huge disappointment. Only 4 robins sold in total! Could not understand why absolutely none of my Mother in laws beautiful hand knitted cushions sold - wrong kind of sale perhaps? Too many other stalls selling cheap imported stuff? Too many people after a bargain?  We had to drop our prices drastically to be a bit more in line with some of the other stalls (Christmas stockings knitted by a group of ladies at the hospice being sold off for 50p and arran baby jumpers for £5- just to 'shift' them apparently!)  A real shame to see hand made items made with such love and care being so under-valued....we won't be rushing to do another one any time soon.  The stall looked pretty thought, even if I say so myself...

..and afterwards a cosy supper with G&T's,  a welcome treat

About 11 or 12 years ago, before marriage and children, we spent a happy year living by the sea in Ayrshire and we always enjoy returning there for a visit and a walk along the beach, gazing at the isle of Aran over the sea..

..and these days it's always followed by a play in the park at Culzean Castle.

A lovely weekend - nice to get away and enjoy some fine Winter weather, laze in front of an open fire and enjoy delicious food and drink in the company of loved ones.  Back home again today and the Grampian hills were looking resplendent in the clear Winter sun.


  1. I can't understand it either, everything on your stall looks really lovely. Finding the right type of fair is the hardest thing, your things are so lovely though don't give up x x x

  2. I don't understand why you didn't sell more - it all looks great. I love those cushions and can only think that people don't understand the time that goes into making them (not to mention the cost of the yarn).

  3. what an utter shame! I did a market on the weekend selling my handmade felt badges ranging in price from $5-10 and I made... $20! The stall cost $20! People there just wanted to rummage through bric-a-brac so it was terribly disappointing....
    those little old ladies selling off their wares for so cheap! I guess they don't want to make money, they just want to knit.... but we don't really ever make the money we deserve from knitting and crochet do we!!! I hope you had fun anyway.....
    Loved the pictures of the hills... the landscape is so different and so beautiful!
    Have a lovely week XXX

  4. it is a strange phenomonen that we can't seem to get a decent price for limited "runs" and one of a kinds that are hand made but I think that many people have somehow come to equate craft fairs with flea markets and compare the good offered to Wal-Mart or discount store prices. I have had comments (to my face) that they could buy quite lovely plastic placemats for $2 (CDN) each so why pay $5, for one quilted place mat??? Hmmm? and the cheap ones have to be shipped all the way from china so why do I have the nerve to charge so much for the stuff I make? Hmmmm? Who do I think I am, an artist or something???

  5. Cant agree enough with the comments above, I too have been in the awful position of not covering the cost of a stall. People can be so mean! There needs to be more appreciation for handmade goods made with heart. Theres so much cheap shit shipped in from China and elsewhere, probably made by 7 year olds in a sweatshop.
    Cathys cushions are fabulous and i'm sure that in the right place they would sell, i bet a local shop might be interested in stocking them. Rant over ....I could go on for a while on this one.