Monday, 8 November 2010

A Pixie Peg Christmas

A blatant plug for my big sister Jill's (check out her blog too) Etsy store - Pixie Peg Crafts.  All her felt decorations are hand cut and made, and I have decided will look lovely adorning my home this Christmas.  I have already put an order in for a couple of angels, and a one of her quirky toadstools:-

My Mum and Dad are heading North for a visit in a couple of weeks, so luckily for me they are able to hand deliver one of Jill's  beautiful Twisted Willow wreaths for me. I love the fact that many of the items Jill makes are made from natural materials foraged from woods and hedgerows in her local Northumberland area

We will defiantly be having a Pixie Peg Christmas in the Northern Hi-lights household!!


  1. What lovely things... I especially love the heart in the last picture.

  2. Very pretty, especially the heart.