Friday, 19 November 2010

TGI Friday ! ♥ Robin Competition ♥ !

Thank you for all your supportive messages re:disappointing craft fairs, I agree with all comments, and in a way these small failures make me even more determined to keep crafting and rejecting the mass produced. 

As a way of thanks to all my lovely blog readers, I'm having a Friday give-away, this little robin (hand-picked - he's my favourite) could be winging it's way to you just in time to be hung on your Christmas tree!

I will pick a winner at randon next Friday (26th Nov), so leave a comment telling me what you are crafting for Christmas ♥♥


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and what a good start...a giveaway!(please visit my blog to have it reciprocated).

    Currently crafting little felt gingerbread men and spearmint heart for inclusion in gifts, as well as my cards.

  2. I will be making lots of Wreaths and Christmas decorations.I will be making a special winter solstice wreath for our front door to celebrate Yule.

  3. whoever gets your gorgeous Robin will be a lucky soul
    Keep your chin up about last weeks craft fair....the ones who did not buy missed out! xxxx

  4. Oh yes, please enter me in your giveaway. I am busy crocheting all kings of things. I really would like to get in at least 2 more throws. I think everyone can use one now and again or even to have in the car!

    Drop on over to my blog for your award!

  5. your little robins are the cutest and even though my house rarely has a christmas tree, I do hang ornaments in every corner of the house. Right now, today I am working with the sewing machine and creating quilted covers for a stack of 'daily' journals that will be the gifts for all the adult males I know, this year...

  6. Och, what a shame! I was at the Airyhall Craft Fair last week - I hope it did well. I agree that your MiL's cushions are brilliant - I especially liked the choices of buttons!
    I'm still knitting the "fallout" commissions from my staffroom sale for my brother's sponsored marathon-running nonsense.
    I've a little something for you which should match something you bought from me before - will pass it on to number 2 son this week...
    Still loving my crocheted skull :-)

  7. Your little tree full of robins is fab ..full of chirpy christmas cheer! How lovely to find another person how loves Hendricks Gin! Have you ever visited their web site..Very saucy!!?!!$*&!!
    I am doing christmas stockings with crocheted edgings to fill with homemade Nigella's peanut and choc fridge bites..mmm tooo moreish!