Thursday, 25 November 2010

Winter has Arrived...!

It's been snowing...this is the view from my front door this morning - Scandinavian weather front blowing across the North sea apparently.  The school was still open much to the boys disgust this morning, and much to my delight as it's my day off!  I did a bit of token house work, tidied up the breakfast dishes, put away some washing, swept the floors etc..and made a pot of broccoli and stilton soup,

and now I'm going to sit down for a whole 2 hours with my coffee and tunnock's teacake..

and make a start crocheting this:-

P.S - Happy Thanksgiving Day to all American friends!

Brilliant crocheted Turkey from Knotbygranma's Etsy shop.

P.P.S - Don't forget my Robin Giveaway closes tomorrow!!!


  1. Ooohhh, lots of snow. I'm hoping we escape it, but snow is forecast for tomorrow. Tunnocks teacakes are my favourite! I haven't entered your robin giveaway, cute as he is, because I made some last year.

  2. love the gingerbread house...good luck with it.

  3. wow ..impressive mission to fulfill in how many days left???!!.. shame about work,its such an ever do we manage it!!