Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December is here!

First day of Advent has arrived, bringing with it our 7th day of snow.  The schools are set to be closed again tomorrow, and with 3 full days of single parenting and extreme weather behind me (husband is typically away this week in Germany, missing all of the fun with the weather!) I am starting to feel it!  I have just made myself a HUGE glass of mulled wine as an end of day adult treat and have sat down with my crochet for some quiet time.

Pulled out all the stops today in an effort to try and keep my two boys busy and away from 1) computer games and 2) Television.  They are both very physical boys mainly happy outside kicking a football or burning off energy in a similar fashion and my dreams of winter days spent crafting and baking were shattered at an early stage of parenting!  By lunch time today they were like caged tigers, positively bouncing off the walls, so off we trudged to the nearest hill again for a spot of sledging - it was bitterly cold today and both were thankfully exhausted by the end of it.

My eldest has started to show a bit more interest in making things with me, and I was quite chuffed at this origami garland we made this morning.

Using a basic 'water bomb' model we made a pile of them and then strung them up to make a nice colourful addition to the kitchen

Very satisfying...


  1. very contemp!..we have cabin fever too!!although Elly was more disturbed/disgusted when school sent suggested maths homework via their web!!nightmare..oh to be a teenager doing GCSE'S!!

  2. What a flashback! My Dad showed me long ago how to make these water bombs when I was about 10yrs old!I was so glad he shared his memories with me and I can still recall the gleam in his eye talking about how he and his friends threw them from great heights only to witness them go "splat" on the ground! Lovely photos you've shared with us. Thanks!

  3. Lovely Advent ideas! The first day of Advent was on Sunday though ;o)I'm on a mission to spread the word that Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and not Dec 1st!

    Bossy Sue x :o)

  4. I love the origami garland!

  5. Thankfully we've only had a couple of inches of snow and the schools are open. I took the children down to school on the sledge today - that was a workout, pulling 30+kg of child the best part of a mile! I celebrated 1st December with a glass of port and a mince pie, but the mulled wine sounds good too - you certainly earned it!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments, it's great to find your lovely blog. Love the waterbomb garland, it looks so effective all strung together.xx