Friday, 3 December 2010

Dib, Dib, Dib...

Do you like my new Cub Scout Angel ? (i know, a complete contradiction in terms!)  Our local Cubs were having a Christmas fayre last weekend, so we braved the elements and went along for some mulled wine and a bit of singing.  My eldest son's pack had been busy making Christmas decorations to sell and I thought this peg scout angel was genius!  look at his little 'neckie'! 

We haven't put our Christmas tree up yet, but i couldn't resist picking a couple of fir branches this afternoon whilst out on a walk.  I put them in a nice festive red jug and have perched my peg Cub on top - I'm starting to get that festive feeling!. ...And to keep that feeling going - does anyone remember this?

I bought this a few months ago in our local charity shop - I can remember this series being shown on TV back in the '80's and I thought it was the most wonderful thing - we watched an episode after tea tonight, and ok,  I have to admit the special effects were extremely corny and the acting pretty ropey, but we all sat there was so nostalgic.  Not sure of our plans for this weekend, we are still snow bound, but fortunately Mr N. HL's is back from Germany, I can feel myself heaving a sign of relief and am relaxing into the weekend..


  1. the cub scout peg angel is so sweet, will pass the link on to Rob,wylam scout leader.

  2. I love the little ornament!

  3. What a great peg boy scout - so quirky.

    Re crochet cardigans: have you come across this cardigan?

    There's also a chevron version the pattern for which you can find on the sidebar in the above link. There's lots of finished projects to look at on Ravelry for these 2 patterns and I think they're quite nice.

  4. well impressed with charity shop find..lets go back in magical time!!!

  5. I remember The Box of Delights. It had such an enchanting theme tune based on the First Nowell. I have just put it on my Lovefilm list, I hope they send it soon. The book is magical.

  6. Yes, I do love the scout. It made me smile. Don't you just love making things for the tree, I doubt I'd by anything mass produced again. sweet:)

  7. that cub scout angel is soooooooooooooo cute! I love it's little neck tie!
    Christmas is coming up so fast isn't it!!!
    I'm getting that festive tingle!