Thursday, 16 December 2010

Last minute Gifts?

So much crafty inspiration all over blog-land right now - so many things, so little time... Here are a few of my favourites:-
'Mary go round' crochet flower ring over at Lola Nova's blog.  I'm working on one of these right now using an old bag handle - love the idea of making these into picture frames - could tick the box for one of those last minute gifts...

or these gorgeous gift tags at Jolene's blog

Not sure if my house is minimal enough to carry this beautiful silver branch idea off - but it does looks great

I have always wanted to learn how to make these German stars, and I love the idea of using newspaper.
Right now I am finishing off some last minute crocheted gifts - a couple of shawls for Great Grannies and also a birthday present I can hopefully share with you once the recipient's actual birthday has past...As always I am asking myself  'why oh why didn't I start earlier?' - there's always next year I suppose..


  1. I started in September & I'm only now just about finished - it all takes so long. I love the silver branch & the previous photos of your cosy Christmas abode are lovely! :-)

  2. like the crocheted picture frames...we are looking forward to some holiday baking next week, feeling a bit crafted out. xx

  3. Last minute gifts indeed! Christmas has snuck up soooooo fast and I'm making like a mad woman! (whats new- deadlines!!!)
    Love that silver branch but I agree, my house is not mimimal enough either! :O)

  4. I love the newspaper stars - i was at my german friend's house yesterday and she had a less complicated but gorgeous one in her hall that is easy to make. must get the instructions for next year

  5. PS - i spent a WHOLE evening trying to make those stars, and didn't manage - got so far then hit a dead end. have left the stuff out to get rich to try to see if i was being daft