Tuesday, 28 December 2010

That was that then..

Currently sitting by the fire, sipping the last of the Christmas fizz - Christmas has been a quiet but fun family affair in the Northern Hi-lights household.  Lots of excessive eating and drinking, (cooking went well this year, well worth the fore-thought and planning) a bit of illness (littlest bear unwell with a virus, so poorly he couldn't even eat his Christmas sweeties!) and after a pretty frosty Christmas day, the thaw has set in bringing dirty slush and grey drizzle.  Have spent a fair bit of time in the past few 'no-mans land' of  days mulling over 2010, dreaming and making plans for 2011.

Thanks to My Pangaloon  for this brilliant link - I have been having fun giving my digital photos a Polaroid effect (see above, a cunning way of disguising the wrinkles!!)

Hope everyone is feeling relaxed after the excesses of Christmas - Any plans for Hogmanay?


  1. Well I had to look up what Hogmanay is lol! One of those words that hasn't crossed The Pond. Love your photo, what a neat effect! I think you look a bit like a young Sissy Spacek, although she might not be too well known in Scotland I suppose.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. A lovely photo with a pretty face!

  3. great picture Elanie x I tried downloading the app but it failed...off to try again x

  4. So sorry to hear that littlest baba is poorly, what a shame, nothing a mummies cuddle can't fix ( I bet)
    AAAh I am glad to see you used the polaroid thingy, it is so addictive.
    jo x

  5. What a gorgeous pic of you! I love your hair, it's divine....
    get well soon little one! have a very happy new year! XXXXX

  6. Och! Poor wee chap - hope he's better soon, bless him (a lot of that around). Love the photo, most serene...how does an app achieve THAT?! Enjoy the last days of the year. xxx