Saturday, 8 January 2011

Dressing Up..

The Internet, and in particular other blogs are a great source of creative inspiration to me, often bombarding my mind with so many ideas I suffer from overload.  Sometimes you chance upon a photo or image, that just sticks with you, seeping into your brain and motivating you to make a small, but positive change in your life.

The above photo had that effect on me.  Taken from my friend Jolene's blog The Precious East, I'm not sure if it was the pelican lamp, the small red case, the pretty tea cup, or just that everything looked so beautifully organised yet still interesting and eclectic.  The same day I saw this I started to think about my own 'dressing table' area in my bedroom - basically a dumping ground for toiletries, coins, receipts, make-up, and hair-clips - an uninspiring mess.  I headed for the kitchen and plundered my dresser for a few vintage teacups and a cake-stand and with my newly acquired charity shop lamp I set to work trying to make it my small corner of inspiration.

**Photo Update** - Thanks Nana Go-Go, you were in fact right about the mirror x

Visually, it's not as exciting as Jolene's photo, the shade isn't quite right for the lamp, and I probably need a few more saucers and dishes for complete organisation, but it is looking 100% better than before, and I am now wondering why I never bothered with 'mood' lighting before.  The cake stand works perfectly for stashing my day-day jewelry and accessories and I have filled the spotty case with my scarfs and crocheted bits and bobs. I have been thinking that this could be visually an interesting project to run with - a collection of photographs of dressing tables - they show you alot about a persons interests and personality - anyone else game for bearing all?


  1. i'm glad my crazy clutter inspired someone! i think that my green lampshade would actually look really good on your lamp base.....

  2. What a great job, Elaine. I love your wee lamp and your cakestand for a bits `n bobs holder. What about putting your lovely retro mirror that you can just see in the corner of pic on that wall too? I crocheted some little baskets from string and crochet-edged them with some vintage fabric for Xmas pressies. They would look lovely next to your lamp too. Sorry, getting a bit carried away now!

  3. the piles of running clothes on our dressing table are not very photogenic. Maybe its time to tidy up .Your arrangement is great.

  4. yes mirror great. i have a wall of mirrors in my kitchen. red cross in banchory was a main source of these for my under a fiver rule