Thursday, 6 January 2011

Easing back into it..

Well, what a shock to the system yesterday was - back to school, back to work, early morning etc.. With the boys being ill over the holidays we've barely made it over the front door, so yesterday was hard-going.  Today however was a different story as Thursday is my day off!  I had a pretty perfect morning- A quick run and piping hot shower, followed by a rake around the local charity shops and then lunch and a catch up with my friend, Mrs G. The afternoon was taken up with a bit of cleaning and re-organisation of our sadly neglected bedroom (why oh why does our bedroom always turn into the main dumping area of the house? so much for it being a restful sanctuary!)

The biggest laugh of the day was the half-price sale at my local thrift shop - did you spot my new perfectly formed enamel teapot in the above  photo - 25p!!!!! Look at the lovely yellowness of it!! It's going to be perfect for the caravan! But wait, that's not all!! feast your eyes on my other bargains!

 A lovely set of six side plates - 25p..

A sweet little brown lamp -£1.00.  With the right shade, this is going be look perfect on my dressing table..

cute little cream jug - 25p

A book for Mr Northern Hi-lights - 5p

And finally, a bundle of vintage wooden coat hangers - 50p! I am particularly excited about these as I can see a bit of crochet potential.  last summer I made some crochet covers for a couple of similar coat hangers and was really pleased with the result - since then however I haven't been able to find any more - until now of course!! Nothing like a successful trip to the charity shop to get the old heart pumping and the creative juices flowing!


  1. Well done on your bargains. I love the coat hangers, wooden ones are so much better than plastic.

  2. Ooh! Yay... what great bargains! i can't believe the thrift shop has a haff price sale! Thats so cool!
    I love your tea pot and those hangers, YAY! i've got a stash in my box waiting to be covered, I just need enthusiasm... Maybe I'll catch some inspiration from you! Can't wait to see them
    Have a lovely week

  3. some great finds there Elaine.

  4. Ohh err Missus..them theres fab finds..tea pot envy!If him indoors..likes blood and vampire-ie things to read I can thoroughly recommed The Historian by Elisabeth Kostova,,a great book unstoppable and un-put downable..i was totally absorbed..

  5. Well it look and sounds as if you had a blissful day- wonderful. I can't believe the price of that enamel tea-pot 25 bloomin pence...goodness, I bet you were quite pleased with yourself.

  6. yes tea pot envy - i paid about £12 for one on ebay after failing to find one in a charity shop. we use it to make proper tchai on top of the stove...

  7. what a score with the wooden hangers! i wonder how they'd look covered in jute :)