Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fallen off the Blog Wagon...

Have lost my crochet/blogging mojo this past week or so, two things I normally love doing in equal measures.  I have been easing myself back in gently by starting a few mindless granny squares - and have even been trying my hand at a spot of KNITTING!!

Still addicted to reading other creative, crafty blogs and have discovered 3 new ones this week:-

A Foothill Home Companion

Maize Hutton

Misako Mimoko

Hoping to be back with renewed vigor next week! Have a good weekend ♥♥


  1. I hope your weekend is great too. I've been doing grannies too. They are quick to do up and you can easily put them up or pick them up when you feel up to it. Love your yarn color.

  2. I know how you feel, sometimes you are all blogged out. I love the links, great blogs, and some more refreshing ideas. Have a restful weekend.

  3. go on ..have a HENDRICKS!..we all have those moments..I'm crocheting pot holders at the moment..still Ellys other sock to finish..but wanted ease and a quick least my Mum said she wanted some its useful and will get instant gratification!!
    Cheers..(have u got any washing out yet?)

  4. `Mindless Granny Squares`..ha ha ha! That`s EXACTLY what I do when I`ve lost my crafting mojo - at least it makes you feel as if you`re doing SOMETHING! Don`t worry, Elaine, I`m sure you`ll be on top form in no time. What you knitting anyway?

  5. Sometimes its nice just to read other peoples blogs and not worry about your own. Glad your back :) Enjoy your grannies x x x x

  6. Knitting, eh? Well, knitting-wise, I have newbie-itis, the compulsive disorder, compelling me to start everything & finish nothing...

  7. prety color can't wait to see this finished :)