Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year, New Stationary..

Sorry, couldn't resist a picture of my bargain iris's ( purchased on New Years Eve at our local supermarket for 10p, not to mention the 6 pack of Muller corners for 1p - love a bargain!)

On to the subject on hand, oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way!!....Stationary...who doesn't love a bit of it? Every since I was a little girl, my sisters and I have all have had a deep passion for lovely pens, notebooks, paper, cards etc, and especially enjoyed family holidays to Germany, and a rake around the stationary floor of a department store, where they seem to excel in such items.  For Christmas this year I received 2 items of very lovely stationary from my brother-in-law who lives in Chicago and has learnt over the years that he cannot go wrong by doing his Christmas shopping for the females of the family in Anthropologie
I particularly love these retro feel recipe cards, these will be particularly useful for copying down the many recipes I have found on the Internet, but have never got round to printing off (coupled with the simple pleasure of hand writing a recipe with a nice pen...ahhh).  I am now on the look out for a suitable tin/box to keep them in - this could be the beginning of a new, more organised me!
And speaking of organised, who can fail to be with these gorgeous kitchen post-its..? ahhh.. just lovely...


  1. Deeee-lish!you're so right there's definately something about continental stationary..i used to be the same whenever i visited my grandmother in norway...Paperchase is the nearest we get here i think, apart from random independent stores that import..I got a whole load of postcards from paperchase..5p each and a mouse mat with a cat,a fish skeleton and a ball of wool on it for £1! 2011 THE YEAR FOR GOOD BARGAINS!!

  2. these are nice...I also went to the paperchase sale and got some nice xmas cards for next xmas (i have never bought xmas cards 4 days after xmas before).Yes I Loved german stationary shops.

  3. Happy new year Elaine and family. it. This love must have been passed on to my children 25 and 16! We went into Manchester this week and paperchase had a some little bargains myself! I am blogging tommorow and will show you my little treats! My Son is now on his way back from Scotland having travelled up there on New years eve....think we are going to do it and let the new year in for 2012. Heather x

  4. I love stationery and note paper, etc. I love to look at it and to use it and to give it to others.I really think it makes a statement. Lovely! Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  5. I get so excited about stationary, your selection is super duper gorgeous.