Monday, 24 January 2011

Shopping and Knitting..

Today, a shopping trip to a dreich Aberdeen (photo taken from the bus), where it felt good to be out and about scooping up a few end of sale bargains, as well as enjoying a coffee along the way.

I picked up some cute little stickers from Paperchase, no idea what I'll do with them, but couldn't resist..

..and some sweet little 'jammies' for my youngest from TKMAXX for only £3 - I felt like I lost hours today wondering around that shop marvelling at all the 'stuff' they stock.  Living in a small rural town, I don't often make it into the 'big city' and do most of my shopping online, but every once in a while it's nice to see whats new and to have a mooch around, a posh coffee and a spot of lunch - I returned home feeling quite invigorated and refreshed.

Remember I mentioned knitting in my last post? Above is my attempt at a face cloth - I'm not a knitter at all, I much prefering crochet for its instant gratification.  However, I forgot how pleasing a plain knit stitch looks, this cloth was knitted  using size 10mm needles (with a crochet border), so mega chunky and it knitted up pretty quickly - I was pleasantly surprised, perhaps this will be the start of something new?


  1. Nice cloth esp with picot edging! you'll be doing socks next!!
    love the word dreich..fab gutterals!!

  2. Elaine....lovely....Good choice of owl stickers I got them from the paperchase sale - post Christmas. I need to post on my blog instead of looking at others....but I love them Hope you well Heather xx

  3. Love the PJ's , what a bargain. So glad you got to have some fun city time to potter, shop andhave a coffee and lunch, I love days like that. I love my crochet but have found myself knitting more and more this winter, both have become serious addictions! xox

  4. this would make a sweet baby blanket, I think I might try it, I am working on making baby blankets for great grand kids that are not even thought off as of yet. Cute Oh You can make this tea with just spices and no sugar even. I am dring a cup with just the cinnamon right now. enjoy

  5. Hello - popped by to say thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. Just spent ages looking through yours - some wonderful photos.

    Love the pj's - my little son would love those. Like you our nearest big town in quite a drive away (25 miles).

  6. I love your knitting, especially with the cute crochet border,and your pj's oh and your stickers...Lovely lovely :)x x x x x x