Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some more of these..

Another crocheted picture frame - I have a few of these butterfly prints I would like to frame, so might make a couple more to make a set.  These frames are really good fun to make (pattern from lola Nova's blog) and I had a go making a tiny one using an old curtain ring

I put my owl stickers to use with this one, probably a group of them would make a bigger impact though.

Friday tomorrow, thank goodness, it's been a tiring week - oh, and its the  last Friday of the month which means cakes in the staff room  - its the small things ♥..!


  1. What a great idea using a curtain ring!and I love your colours. Even better that it`s Friday tomorrow because it`s PAYDAY! It`s been nearly 7 weeks since we got paid well before Xmas, phew!Thought it would never come around again! Have a great weekend - what`s your weather like oop north? It`s actually springlike today ....when you look out the window....and positively BALTIC when you venture out!

  2. I love those frames and have been meaning to have a go at them myself. We love Paperchase stickers in our house too. And that Scottish word dreich - I was thinking just the other day how perfectly it describes the sort of weather we get here in Manchester.

  3. I love your crochet fames, they're so sweet!

  4. The butterfly looks very effective in the blue frame. Lovely.

  5. I agree with the others, the butterfly looks lovely in the frame! I think lots would make an awesome impact.
    Loving your chunky face cloth from the last post, i totally agree that crochet is instant gratification, but these days I'm loving the thrill of knitting something I'd never dared to knit before too! It's all so much fun isn't it? THe vastness of it all, there is so much to learn... have a lovely weekend XXXXX