Monday, 31 January 2011

Valentines Cupcake Tutorial

written using US crochet terminology, number of stitches you should have at end of round is shown in brackets. I used a double knitting weight yarn and a size 3mm hook to give a nice tight finish

Sc - Single Crochet
Hdc - Half Double Crochet
Ch - Chain

The cupcake consists of two separately crocheted items- the case and the icing. Lets start by making the case:-

Cupcake Case
R1: Ch2,  and them crochet 6sc into 2nd ch from hook (6)

R2: Sc 2 in each Sc around (12)

R3: *Sc 1, 2sc in next sc* x6 (18)

R4: *Sc 2, 2sc in next sc* x6 (24)

R5: *Sc 3, 2sc in next sc* x6 (30)

R6: *Sc 4, 2sc in next sc* x6 (36)

You should now have a circular base, like the one shown here:-

Now for the sides of the case:-

R7:  Work 36 Sc in each stitch all around - for this particular round only, work in the back loops only to give a ridge, as you can see below:-

R8 - 12, single crochet in each stitch around to built up the sides.

With round 12 completed, we'll now make the lip of the cupcake.

R 13: *2 SC in first stitch from round 12, then 1 SC in the next. Repeat this pattern from the * all the way around. (54)

The sides of the cupcake should start to flare out like this:

R14: 1 Sc in each stitch around (54)

R15: Sc decrease over the first 2 stitches and then 1 Sc into the 3rd.  Repeat this pattern all the way around until you have 36 stitches.  Tie off your yarn.

You have now completed the case of the cupcake, now for the icing, which is made using the Hdc stitch - the entire icing section is worked in the back loops of the stitches.

Cupcake Icing

R1: Ch2, and them crochet 6 Hdc into 2nd ch from hook (6)

R2: Hdc 2 in each stitch around (12)

R3: *Hdc 1, 2 Hdc in next stitch* x6 (18)

R4: *Hdc 2, 2 hdc in next st* x6 (24)

R5: *Hdc 3, 2 Hdc in next st* x6 (30)

R6: *Hdc 4, 2 Hdc in next st* x6 (36)

R7: *Hdc 5, 2 Hcd in next st* x6 (42)

At this point the icing is almost completed and should look like this:-

If you want a plain edge to your cupcake, tie off now, leaving a long enough piece of yarn to sew to base - or like mine, you can add a frilly edging to the icing, as shown below:-

*Skip 2 stitches and  5 Hdc into 3rd stitch, skip 4th st and s.s into 5th* - continue from * - * all the way around the edging. Tie off your yarn, leaving a long enough tail to sew top to base

Assembling your cupcake.
Stuff the case of your cupcake with filler and then sew the icing onto the top edge of the case.  If you added a frilly edging, make sure you sew at round 7 so the frilly bit is an over hang.

When you have about 2cm left to sew around the edge, stop and put more filler in the cake, making sure the icing has a peak and doesn't sit flat - I use a large crochet hook to push it in.  Cut out, (or crochet!) a little felt heart for embellishment and glue (or stitch)  onto top - sit back and admire your creation!


  1. This is cute, shame you cant eat it! Hope your having a good day.xx

  2. Thanks so much for this, I am determined to conquer my fear of following patterns so I can make cute things like this :) have a lovely week
    Jane X X X

  3. This is adorable! Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. i've tried this one! thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Hi, I love this pattern but I am stuck at round 8 because it then jumps to round 13 afterwards. I don't understand what you have to do on round 8 . Please can you help

  6. Oh having read it again I get it now. Sorry I am really new at reading patterns. I will go and give it a go again. SORRY

  7. I made the cupcake base and then did the icing. I got to the end with the frills and it didn't match up with the base, it was way too small. I noticed that you stated the single crochet for the base is in US terms so I did the United States version of half double crochet for the icing, that doesn't work because it came out too small for me. I am currently re-doing the icing in the US version of double crochet but it is coming out too much like a cone.

    Your terms are wrong, in the picture you have showing the flare of the base I can see that you have the yarn coming through 3 loops. That is not a US single crochet, that is a half double crochet. So when you state that the icing needs to be done with a half double crochet, you might really mean a double crochet.

    Your pattern is very messed up, there is no way to get both pieces to match up any way it is done. I suggest re-writing it with the correct terms.

  8. This is the cutest cupcake ever! I was wondering if you would be okay with me using the picture for a Free Valentine’s Round Up I want to do to link to this pattern?