Monday, 28 February 2011

Another One...

I know, I know, another banner.  What can I say, I'm fickle..but the sun has been shining for THREE whole days now, so I felt that last banner was a bit too Wintery and not enough Springy - I'm sure it'll change again at some point - changing your banner is fun though, a bit like buying a new outfit...

Spent a bit of one-on-one time with my 8 year old tonight whilst the youngest was at Beaver Cubs.  For World Book Day (this Thursday) the boys school is having a 'dress up as a  Roald Dahl character day' (I know..) Fortunately we like Roald Dahl books a lot, and whilst eldest was initially not the keenest, he has decided on Charlie - normal clothes with a giant Wonka bar  to accessorise.
I cracked open a Roald Dahl stamp set I picked up in a charity shop last year and we set about stamping and making our Wonka bar.

For the Wonka bar we wrapped up a piece of wood in tin foil and then made a wrapper - so that's one down, now to get my head around son number 2's costume - an Umpa Lumpa apparently....


  1. te he (again!)
    my youngest has attended each and every WBD in his (fantastic) dinosaur costume, each time claiming it is from a different dinosaur related book...more tenuous by the year! This year I've had to insist on a change since the dino legs now sit mid calf!
    You've just reminded me it's this week...thanks!
    fee x

  2. Great Wonka Bar Elaine....good luck with the umpa lumpa outfit! Those stamps are quite unusual. xx

  3. Hey Elaine-I love your new banner. I have changed mine numerous times until I was happy, and now I want to change it to something more spring like. I love the stamps (I am a big R.D fan)
    I agree, the wonker bar rocks. Have a beautiful day x Jo