Sunday, 27 February 2011

Blogging along

Feels like ages since I blogged last - not much creativity going on in my life right now, just busy with work and family life.  The sun peeped out this weekend, making me feel like I am slowly crawling my way out of my Winter hibernation - got up early this Sunday to go for a run with my running buddy Jenny around the forest (unheard of going running on a Sunday morning!) baked bread (rye - was quite heavy!) and went roller skating around the streets with my eldest.  Hubby flew down to London this evening for a week long training course, so I am currently rewarding myself with a large G&T for managing to get both children bathed, storied and bedded by 7:30pm (unheard of right now!)

Busy, busy, busy again this week, but thinking about making one of these (thanks Victoria for the inspiration) whilst enjoying solo control of the TV remote and watching South Riding. xx


  1. It`s great when the sun comes out, isn`t it? It`s so rejuvenating - just like your run!Good for you. Well, Elaine, I started the cardi after having a look at the pattern and deciding it wasn`t too difficult even for me but I`m now on my third 100g ball of Rowan Plaid and I`ve only got one left! I`ve still got the left front,arms and neckband to do so maybe it`ll turn into a waistcoat if I can`t get more wool!Have a good week - hopefully with more sunshine!

  2. Hi Elaine - I was reading you blog when you commented on mine! thanks for visiting.
    Yes - it's a looooong film (sound of music)- found myself saying "this is the good bit" when the singing contest bit started - about 2 hours in!!!!
    Your link to Victoria above led to some most enjoyable blog surfing - thanks!
    have a good week, enjoy sole contol of the dibber...fee x

  3. Hi elaine, so glad you're coming out to play again :), I love your new header x x x x x Have a good week x x x x x x Jane