Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cardi Update

This is where I am with my Chicago swing cardi - body finished, just the collar, button band and arms to add.  This pattern has been great so far, really easy to follow and at this point I have used less than 1 ball of 100g wool! 

Every second row I have worked a cluster stitch :-
Yarn over, insert hook in indicated stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook (2 loops on hook), [yarn over, insert hook in same stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook (1 additional loop on hook)] twice, yarn over and draw through all 4 loops on hook.

I like the textured effect it gives, and once you get into the swing of it, it's a quick stitch to make.  Just thinking about buttons right now, which in my opinion can make or break a garment!  leaning towards large black flowers - any thoughts?

So, if you fancy trying your hand at making a cardigan, I recommend giving this one a go ♥


  1. Wow! So much cardi for so little wool - think I`ll give it a bash - will make a nice change from granny squares!

  2. Hej Elaine

    LOVE the cardi :D great colour!
    I LOVE your header too...it looks familiar LOL!
    that's my view fir trees/birch and snow for 6 momnths of the year...but I LOVE that too!
    Seriously the header is beautiful, the muted colours...is it out of a book like
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your week

  3. cardi going well...like your new banner...v.tasteful.

  4. I like your new header and your cardigan. The texture in the stitch is lovely.

    I get my rowan cotton from John Lewis (rummaging through the bargain bin often turns up a ball or two), ebay can be quite good especially for discontinued colours and McADirect has a good range of colours and free postage over £10. Here's a link...


  5. I've just been browsing ebay and there are some great mixed bags of rowan cotton (search for "rowan handknit cotton") coming up over the next few days. Is generally £3.95 per ball, so you may get a bargain. I am so tempted myself...