Friday, 18 February 2011

Etsy ♥ Hair Grips

Daylily Hair Pins
Daylily Hair Pins by Bina Geyer

Friday! oh how I love that Friday night feeling - I shall ignore the fact it has been raining for the past 4 days, with more forecast for the weekend, pour myself a large G&T and sit back and admire all these lovely Etsy hair grips..

Golden Feather Bobby Pin Set
Golden Feather Bobby Pin Set - tamar

Antique Pewter Tiny Twig Hair Pins by Woodland Belle

Flying birds nature hair clips - by mykonos

Mushroom Madness. Hair Clips / Pins by Piggy


  1. thanks for sharing these. I do so love hair clips ( wear one each day) Are these in the uk I wonder off to have a look x

  2. Oh I love this inspiring collection Elaine. Funnily enough, I've been decorating hair grips this afternoon. My fav pic, are the golden feather clips, I would feel very angelic wearing those x

  3. Oh, they are all lovely, but I am mostly admiring the hair cut of the girl with the tiny twig hair grips and wondering whether I could carry it off!

  4. Ha! I agree Victoria, was thinking the same thing myself, although it is a long time since my hair was as short as that, so might have to procrastinate for a while....

  5. Hej Elaine!
    Thank you for your comment ;-)
    Nice to *meet you*;-D
    My you do have a lovely blog, a lady after my own heart, I'm partial to a G&T too in a long glass, ice & lemon, has to be Gordons or Bombay Sapphire...never tried it with cucumber though...hmmm.,,will give it a go...
    I LOVE all your crafty crocheting and're v.clever.
    My grandad was a Geordie from Benwell, my mum also was born in Benwell so she is Geordie and moved to London when she was 7.
    Where I live in Central Sweden we are on the same latitude as Scotland, soo I think our weather is on a parr...but boy did we have a snow storm last Thur/Fri.
    This morning we woke to temps of -35.4 I've stayed nice and warm and cosy by the fire all day...
    Have a wonderful Sunday

    P.S. I am now a follower of your great blog!

  6. So pretty. When I was young I wore lots of pins, hair bands and barrettes. I still like to see them although they no longer suit me. I too, like the twiggy ones.